User Experience (UX) Design

As part of a case study, I designed the "Volunteer-on-the-Go" app showcasing end-to-end design thinking. This page outlines the creative process using UX Design methods.

The Problem Statement

Non-profit organizations need volunteers. As a working professional, I know it can be a challenge to make time commitments in advance. If there was a way to find volunteer opportunities on short notice, would more people donate some of their time? What if there was an app to fill a volunteer spot as time allows? That's what gave me the idea to design the Volunteer-on-the-Go app.

Business Needs

  • To fill volunteer openings
  • Make it convenient for people to sign up
  • Make volunteer opportunities available at various days & times
  • Offer short time slots for working professionals

User Needs

  • Provide options to find volunteer opportunities
  • Time
  • Skills & interests
  • Flexibility
  • People want to volunteer locally
  • Some rely on public transportation

Target Market

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Event Coordinators
  • Local communities
  • Working professionals
  • Students

Design Goals

  • Search volunteer opportunities by:
  • Easy to use
  • Findability
  • Learnability
  • Customizable

Competitive Analysis

Name Services Size/Following Strengths Weaknesses Matches people and causes Twitter:40.2K
Facebook: 58K
Well designed website
Attention-grabbing buttons to browse
Advanced Search
No search or navigation to filter by zip code Matches organizations with volunteers No social media About Us page
Search by zip code
Introductory videos
Register button/Submit a projects button should be more prominent Neighbors meet to do something, share something or learn something No social media Offers groups for many age groups and interests Search based
Confusing to navigate when you don't know what you're looking for
Sierra Club Volunteer Content site about the planet incl opportunities to meet like minded people Twitter: 179K
Facebook:501K likes
Content site with What's happening section
Branding matches the outdoors feel
Not easy to find events or volunteer opportunities Provides support to families in crisis n/a Easy navigation
Clean site
Attention grabbing images
Not easy to find events or volunteer oppportunities

User Research: Survey and Analysis

Goal of the survey: To determine the project requirements.
Key findings: More people would volunteer if they could find opportunities on short notice.


I brainstormed ideas for volunteer opportunities and created the categories "Humanity", "Children", "Animals" and "Events". These will become the categories for the navigation.

Personas, Scenarios and User Tasks


The storyboard puts the user at the heart of the design process. It explores a user's experience with the app and how they may use it.

Paper Prototyping

I used paper prototyping to test user interfaces quickly and get user feedback early in the design process.

Use Case #1: Search for volunteer opportunities by zip code and date

Use Case #2: Navigate volunteer opportunities by interest or cause

Wireframing in Sketch

Based on user feedback I received on the paper prototyping, I created the wireframes for the various screens using Sketch.

Location & Calendar
Volunteer landing
Job details

User Task Flow

This diagram shows the sequence of actions the user will take to find a volunteer opportunity using search. It helped me think through the design so that I could create an interactive prototype.

High Fidelity Design Mockups

Use Case #1: Search for volunteer opportunities by location and date.

Use Case #2: Navigate for volunteer opportunities by interest or cause.

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